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AWS Cost Optimization Tools

September 14, 2022 admin 0

Trusted Advisor: Trusted Adviser will tell which all resources are not being used and can accordingly help in saving the cost. AWS Cost Explorer—Pre calculate […]

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ECS Explained

September 4, 2021 admin 0

What are containers and Dockers: A container is a package that contains an application, libraries, runtime and tools required to run it. Run on a […]

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AWS S3 explained

August 29, 2021 admin 0

S3 provides Object storage that manages data as objects as opposed to other storage architecture. Durable, highly available, and infinitely scalable data storage infrastructure at […]

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AWS Auto Scaling Explained

August 17, 2021 admin 0

AWS Auto Scaling -provides Scalibility and Fault tolerance.AWS Auto Scaling is done between Availibility zones within a region. Features of AWS Auto Scaling groups are: […]

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AWS-Management Tools

June 26, 2021 admin 1

Cloud Watch Cloud Watch is a monitoring tool that collects operational and monitoring data in the form of logs, metrics, and events and lets user […]

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AWS-Migration Services

June 24, 2021 admin 2

AWS Import/Export AWS Import/Export is a data transport service used to move large amounts of data into and out of the Amazon Web Services public […]