Create Studio Review

Create Studio Review
Create Studio Review
Create Studio-Discounts,Promo Code and Bonuses

Create Studio Discounts, Promo Code and Huge Bonus! Are you searching for more knowledge? Please read through my review before selecting it, to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of it. Is it worth your time, effort and cash?

I’ve tried CreateStudio as a tester recently. I’m going to instruct you how to use this amazingly handy machine and make the most honest review for you.

Create Studio – Product Overview

Vendor: Josh Ratta
Product: CreateStudio
Launch Date: 2020-May-12
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Official Website: Click Here
Front End Price: $67

Discount Code: One-time payment $67 only-Regular price $197. (You’re saving $130 🥳)
Bonus: Yes my Premium Bonuses are available
Refund: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Reputed Vendor, Fast and Effective Support Team
My Take: Highly Recommended

What is Create Studio?

Create Studio is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software made for experienced & complete newbie video creators! Giving users the flexibility to create custom animations, and also use motion presets & templates for ease of use and speed.

There has never been such a rich video animation software which combines both advanced & beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects.

How about if this Create Studio tool helps you create Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos, virtually any kind of video with ease of use and dynamic features!

Interesting, right??

Create studio lets you do One click animation.

Until now, creating animations was only left for a select few of After effects experts…

Having to create each unique animation using a million keyframes and complex tools…

What if I told you that is no longer the case?
What if you could finally create animations with just a click?
Don’t keep reading… Watch what I’m talking about here

A new software called Create Studio just released which combines the best of both animation worlds into one incredibly simple to use animation software.

If you’re a little bit savvy, you can create custom animations, and even adjust the easing of each animation. You can animate the position, size, opacity, rotation, colour, borders, shadows and more…

And if you’re like me… 

You can simply select preset animations, preview them and in a click add that animation to any text, image or video!

Create Studio – Features and Benefits

Today in my review, I want to let you know what all things you would be getting with Create Studio.

Why you need Create Studio

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.” 
78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.”People LOVE watching videos, and it’s only going to increase, which leads to a BIG problem!

Until now, creating high quality videos was left to only the big companies who had huge budgets… Or to the elite video craftsman, who had studied 5+ years at university in motion design. 

Well today that’s no longer the case…

With Create Studio, you can now cut past the complexities of brain killing technical software tools and actually create incredible professional videos that position you as the expert in your niche!

Full features of Create Studio.

Import videos, images, audio & even SVG’s. Import MP4, Transparent MOV with alpha channel, WAV, MP3, SVG. You can also change SVG colours, add animations and they retain the pixel perfect vector shapes.
One click motion presets Animate any element with just a click with our incredible motion presets. One click to preview, and one click to add. You can also adjust the preset settings and duration. As well as save your favourite presets to the “My favourites” folder for easy access.
Custom animations You can easily animate anything on our full feature timeline editor. Simply select your media or text, and choose which properties you want to animate. You can animate, the position, size, opacity, text spacing, colour, borders, shadows and more!
Animation Easing Adjust the easing of your custom animations with just a click from a list of preset easing. These change the way the animations look from the start to the end.
Group layers To keep everything organised on the timeline, you can group layers.
Mask layers You can create layer masks. These allow you to overlay videos and images over text or shapes. You can also animate the layer masks.
Animated 3D & 2D Characters Quickly create incredible 2D & 3D character explainer videos with pre-animated characters. No need to rig, no need to add 10,000 keyframes, simply drag and drop your character, select an action – that’s it!
Shapes Quickly add vector based shapes, change the colours, and animate them with our incredible shape library. 
Green Screen Editing Remove any colour with just a click. 
Adjust Resolution Create videos in any size “Square, vertical or standard 16 x9”, and also in any resolution including 4k.
Replace Media  Easily replace images or videos with other media by simply clicking on the replace button. All animations and settings are retained.
Studio Builder StudioBuilder is our drag and drop video builder, which enables users to drag and drop pre-made and animated text titles, lower thirds, animated characters, pre-made scenes, animated icons, emojis, devices, video effects and much more!  
Autosave Turn on autosave for your projects and set the amount of time you’d like between saving. 
Adjust Rotation (Anchor) Point Adjust the rotation point with a click to create different animations and animate from specific points.
Center / Scale/ Flip / Align Quickly center objects, scale to fit canvas, flip and align objects with our smart links directly under the canvas. Also access the fonts panel and colour panels from our smart links.
Snapping & Guidelines To make it even easier, we’ve added timeline and canvas snapping, and guidelines for both the timeline and canvas. These settings can be turned on/off on the project settings panel.
Kinetic Typography Quickly add pre-made kinetic typography slides and adjust the colours and animations with ease.
Color Gradients Style your shapes and even text with 2 colour gradients. You can also save colour codes as presets, to quickly add to other components.
Undo/Redo Undo and redo instances with keyboard shortcuts or by clicking the specific icons.
Text Fonts Panel Search for your favourite text fonts, and add them to your favourites list for quick access. 
Call to actions Add subscribe buttons, CTA slides and more and adjust design to your brand and style.
Audio Waveform Drop down the audio waveform to see the specific beats to sync your audio with your scenes. You can also adjust the volume and fade in and fade out your tracks.
Autoupdates We’ve built in an autoupdate system to ensure every time we make updates there is no need to re-download the app.  
Learn center You can also lock elements on the timeline and canvas, as well as hide elements from both the timeline and canvas.
Hide/Lock You can also lock elements on the timeline and canvas, as well as hide elements from both the timeline and canvas.

So what can you Create?

Create Teaser Videos

Quickly create incredible teaser styled videos to promote your own products are services. This video was completely designed and animated inside CreateStudio.

Create Promotional Videos

Showcase your own videos and images with sleek and modern promotional videos. Mask your media with different shapes and animaste them for elegant styles

Create Explainer Videos

Quickly create stunning videos by simply selecting pre-made characters, assets & elements and customise to your own brand and style.

Create all kinds of videos in all kinds of sizes & styles!

Now, sit back and relax and see your posts pouring results.

Watch the Demo Here:

Watch this video below for a quick walkthrough of the entire process.

You can also watch more advanced training vedios on

Get started now for just $249  
ONLY $67!

Pros and Cons


  • This software a one time purchase.
  • If you purchase the commercial license, you are free to create an unlimited number of videos for your own business and also for clients.
  • In their main offer on this page you get 17 free characters to use in your videos. 4x 3D characters and 13x 2D characters.Or you can purchase their all access pass inside the members eras to gain access to every asset, template and character.
  • Full 30 day 100% money back guarantee! If for any reason you feel CreateStudio is not right for you, you can simply write to them at and they will refund your payment 100%, no questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot!
  • You can check out their step-by-step video tutorials on our official YouTube channel. CreateStudio Official. Also easily accessible within the CreateStudio application.
  • You can either get in touch by email at, or by visiting thier support desk at Here you will find a wide range of helpful resources, an indepth knowledge-base, as well as the option to submit a support ticket. Thier help desk is available 24/7, and they rendezvous to respond to each request within 24 hours. Due to the launch response times may vary.


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Create Studio Reviews

  • Showing all 3 reviews
  • Overall      ⭐⭐⭐⭐👍 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use ⭐⭐⭐⭐👍 4.5/5
  • Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ 5/5

Pricing Evaluation

Personal  Use License
For non-commercial use, charities & churches 
you can purchase a personal use license. 
Install on just 1 device.

Create studio OTOs or Upgrades

Create Studio OTO1 /Upgrade One Create Studio OTO2
/Upgrade Two
Create Studio OTO3
/Upgrade Three
All Access Pass (Templates, Characters & Assets) Media Upgrade Agency & VA Licenses – $99  &  $299 
  • 150+ templates (Entire template library)
  • All access pass to thousands of animated elements inside MotionBuilder.F6+Sheet3!
  • 40 extra characters
  • New templates, characters, animated elements and actions every month!
  • Pixabay integration (1 click import)
  • Unsplash integration (1 click import)
  • Audio Library
  • Custom created pro Sound effects library
  • Text-to-speech creator
  • Agency License (60% OFF = $197)(Usually $497)
  • 6x additional licenses for team members.
  • Virtual Assistant License (50% OFF = $97)
  • Additional Licenses
$37/Month $97 $99  &  $299
Get the link  Get the link  Get the link 

Special Bonuses, if you chose to buy through this website:

Bonus #1 Client Booster Explainer Template
Get our free client getting explainer video template, you can quickly edit inside CreateStudio.This is perfect for sending to potential clients, showcasing what styles of videos you can create,
assisting you to land new deals fast. .
Bonus #2 GreenScreen Kit
Download our greenscreen kit that comes with premium motion backgrounds to display behind your greenscreen footage. As well as some special greenscreen footage to use in your videos. Inside 
CreateStudio you can remove greenscreen backgrounds and edit your greenscreen videos with this kit!
Bonus #3 Client Questionnaire
Working with new clients? Where to start? Send them this questionnaire doc! This will help you to
better understand the clients needs and assist you in your video creation process! Adjust any questions
and send it over in seconds!

Steps to Claim these bonuses:
1.Buy Create Studio using the link on my website.
2.After completing the transaction, you will receive the bonuses along the product.


This is the end of my Create Studio review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision.

This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird.Take your action as soon as possible for the best deal.

And of course, if you feel curious and want to know more about this product, comment below and let me know!

Purchase CreateStudio Now before the Price Increases + Get our Bonuses FREE!

Don’t Miss Out!

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