Critical Cyber Security Advisory on Maze Ransomware

There is an important advisory pertaining to a “Ransomware” attack which is impacting global organisation by encrypting their data and denying users from accessing their system systems unless a ransom is paid.

The ransomware called “Maze” has made headlines in the last few days for publicly holding large organisation hostage by threatening to leak ex-filtrated company data if the ransom is not paid.

Steps to stay Secure from Ransomware:

Follow IT hygiene and always ensure that your Anti-Virus ,Operating system and other softwares are upto date to mitigate any possible exploits.

Beware of unsolicited emails contaning links and attachments even if they seem genuine. Be specially wary of .zip or other compressed or executable file types.

Always ensure to securely backup the important data on your allocated laptops and desktops on a regular basis .

Beware of emails that ask you to enable Macros to view the content.Avoid enabling the macros for Microsoft Word/Excel for unknown files.

Keep strong and Unique passwords and refrain from password reuse across the systems and applications.

Be Vigilant about emails and any shared documents coming from an unknown source.Make sure you don’t act on the advise you didn’t ask for and were not expecrting.

Browse and Download Softwares only from official and trusted sources or websites.

Do not click on pop-up ads in unknown websites.

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