How to make $1673 a day-Case Study

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you a dead-simple, yet ultra-profitable strategy one of our Funnelvio subscribers used to make $1673 in a single day… in less than 1 hour. His name is Josh Brown. He was kind enough to share his strategy with us. In the email he sent me he said, “I’ve struggled to make money online for far too long not to share with people who are spinning their wheels trying to break free from the rut…” Josh joined Funnelvio during our first launch back in August 2020. At the time he hadn’t made a single penny online… yet. What attracted him about Funnelvio was the one-off price. As he said in his email, “I was fed up overpaying for “all show and no dough” marketing tools that cost an arm and a leg every month… and aren’t getting me any return on investment…” What ended up turning his entire life around was Funnelvio’s import feature. You see, what this feature allows you to do is… Copy any funnel (or even an entire website) into your account with a click of a button! You just paste the link of any web page you want to copy, click import and the entire web page gets downloaded straight into Funnelvio’s editor. What’s more, all the elements on the imported pages are 100% editable. 

You can customize every single inch of those pages to your heart’s content. Initially, Josh didn’t expect much. The idea of being able to paste a link to a page and have it downloaded into your own funnel seemed far-fetched. But he gave it a try anyway. He pasted a link to the front page of some marketing guru’s website. Clicked import. And lo and behold… In a few seconds, the web page was re-created in Funnelvio’s editor. Moreover… It was an inch-perfect copy he could edit, customize, publish, download, or do whatever he’d want with it. Josh livened up. His brain started firing on all cylinders. It was at this point that he realized how he (and you too) could use the page import feature to make a bundle of money fast! Josh headed over to his Facebook account. On his news feed, he was looking for a… Profitable funnel to import! How could he (you) find a profitable funnel on your Facebook newsfeed? Easy: He simply looked for a specific ad that has been constantly popping up on his feed for the last few months. The reality is… No one runs the same ad for months on end unless the funnel behind it makes money! Otherwise, the ad spend would be a waste! So what he did next was this: Mark found the ad and clicked on it. He was taken to a landing page where he was offered to opt-in to get a free report. He copied the link to that page. Pasted it in Funnelvio’s funnel importer. Marked it as step #1. (As in step #1 of the funnel.) Chose the label “opt-in page”. He pressed on. Opted in. Got redirected to a thank you page. Copied the thank you page link. Posted in the funnel importer under “step #2”. At the bottom of the thank you page, he was offered to check out a special deal. That was essentially the link leading to a sales page. Josh checked it all right. The sales page link went into the importer. Right under step #3. Josh clicked import. Waited for less than a minute and… bbbam! The entire front-end funnel was copied into his account. Every page of the funnel was right at his fingertips. Editable. Customizable. But this was just the first part of Josh’s plan.

 At this point, he had the funnel. But he didn’t have a product his funnel would promote. So he headed off to Google. Searched, “Hypnotherapy course affiliate program.” (Since the funnel he imported was promoting a hypnotherapy offer). He needed an affiliate offer that would provide him with a report as a lead magnet (to fit his funnel). Shortly, he found such an offer. It had everything he needed. A PDF report. Great swipe emails. Swipe landing page copy. The entire package. He grabbed the PDF report. Made it downloadable on the thank you page of the funnel he imported. Good. Now the only thing left to do was to customize the landing page, thank you page, and the sales page copies. He did that using the swipe files provided by the affiliate program he had just signed up for. Neat. His funnel was ready to welcome traffic. In his next step, he created a Facebook ad based on the “Hypnotherapy” ad which was the first element of the funnel he copied. Now he’d have traffic flowing through his funnel. 

This entire process (importing the funnel + finding affiliate offer + replacing the funnel copy with swipes + creating the ad) took him less than an hour. The next morning he threw himself out of the bad. Opened the affiliate dashboard. What he saw blew his mind! He was staring at … $1673 in sales!Against $300 ad spend! In just one day, for one hour’s work, he netted $1373! Josh was over the moon with happiness. After that initial success, he went on to replicate many more funnels in a similar fashion… and… He’s now making money by the truckload! The best news is, in 24 hours you too will be able to use this strategy and start raking in wads of cash… Faster and easier than you ever imagined possible!

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