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AWS Lambda-Summary Notes

June 20, 2021 admin 0

What is AWS Lambda AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. With AWS Lambda, you can […]

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AWS-SQS and SNS Summary

June 14, 2021 admin 0

Brief Points about SQS: SQS is fast reliable fully managed messaging Queue Service It is a webservice that gives you access to message queues that […]

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AWS-Cloudfront Summary

June 7, 2021 admin 0

Cloudfront—Amazon Cloudfront is a webservice that gives business and web application develops an easy and cost effective way to distribute content with low latency and […]

Wattsapp Hacking

Beware of ‘friends’​ asking for security codes on WhatsApp

December 15, 2020 admin 1

Hackers typically request or trick their victims into handing over their WhatsApp security verification codes, which must be entered when registering a mobile phone number for a new phone or device.

They then use the codes to gain full access to their victims’ accounts.