Shri Shri Ravi Shankar has launched an Indian app to counter Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram

Elyments app review
Elyments app review

If you are looking for perfect blend for Facebook, Wattsapp and Instagram and wants to be vocal for local after the recent COVID-19 epidemic, then Shri Shri Ravi Shankar has launched an Indian app by the name Elyements. Elyments has all the features of different social media apps. With this all in one app, you can send messages, upload photos, make payments and many more things with this one app.
Using Elyments app you can chat, share and view exciting contents.

Currently the app is in development stage but first impression is good and seems to be loaded with great features with new innovations.

The Elyments app is produced by Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd and its Beta version is available to be downlaoded from playstore.

The app size is 57 MB with 100K+ downlaods and 2000+ reviews with overall rating of 4.7

Watch Shri Shri Ravi Shankar introducing the Elyments app in the below video.

Here is A comprehensive review of Elyment app reflecting exactly what this app has to offer, which further assists in extending its reach to potential customers.

Pros of Elyments app:

Has features of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter all together in one platform.
Easy to use and lots of Amazing functions
Video and Audio call Quality is perfect
A very good looking app. Look and feel is superb.

Safe and Secure user data- Servers are located in India, so data is safe and secure.
Clean and attractive UI.
User friendly and easy to share.
one can promote their own advertisements.

Scope for Improvement:
There should be option of Name and User name.
App is bit slow, maybe the size of the app needs to be reduced.
No Auto login feature
Hastags do not work properly
Scaling of photos need improvement, can not post full image at a time
Should have like and dislike both buttons
Sharing options should be there for profile and post to other apps with
Need to add Emojis and stickers for chat and stories.
Doesn’t work with rooted device.
Options should be there to make groups and pages for sharing and uploading of memes.

The best part of Elyements app is that users data is safe with data stored in Indian severs .This Swadeshi app has potential to beat other social media apps.

I recommend Elyment app to everyone because its awesome and I hope it will grow and be a lot more popular with time.

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