Tata Technologies :400 Employees sent on Leave without pay till Dec 31st

TATA Technlogies recent layoff news
TATA Technlogies recent layoff news

The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to have its impact across the industries including the IT sector. In a major setback to Employees, Tata Technologies, Hinjawadi Pune has put around 400 people on bench and has sent them notice that they would be on Leave without pay till Dec 31st 2020.

The IT employee union National Information technology Senate (NITES) has raised the concern with the Pune Labour Commissioner in Wakewadi as this seems to be violating the directions from Maharashtra state government issued on March 31st 2020.

As per the communication sent by HR to impacted employees -“The Company will strive to have you deployed for any assignments/ projects depending on the requirements of its clients as on 31st Dec 2020.In the event, there are no such projects/assignments as far as your engagement or involvement is concerned as on 31st Dec 2020, the company shall reserve the right to terminate your employment with immediate effect in accordance with your employment agreement and applicable law”

The IT industry people are worried about loosing jobs and finding new ones due to pandemic situations.

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